What is Sciatica Pain – And How Do You Overcome It?

Types of SciaticaBack pain related to any condition including sciatic nerve pain is most painful experience altogether. Sciatica related back pain starts in the lower back generally radiates down to buttocks, back of thigh, leg and the foot. Many ask if sciatica is a disability?. The most disturbing part of sciatica is that the pain it causes is unbearable and it never stops. In fact, sciatica pain if not diagnosed properly increases with time and can make you unable to do any normal work, which ultimately leaves you bedridden. Sciatica affected patients most often feel numbness and a tingling sensation in their affected leg and foot, which compels you to mobilize the limb as if you try to move it and your pain will increase in no time. Therefore, you cannot walk, sit, and stand and sometimes even it troubles with the bowel movement. This could be very embarrassing and traumatic as well because sciatica often interferes with patient’s bowel movement as the pain generates from the pelvic region. If it does then you might not wait for a few minutes if you have to go to the toilet and if you are outdoor, accidents may happen. This is very annoying situation and this condition may appear from nowhere. It does not necessarily occur with unhealthy people or who does not maintain a routine fitness regime, but sciatica is such a problem that can happen to people who are fitness freaks. Often sportspersons, athletes and players complain about sciatica pain. This type of nerve condition can happen even during fitness workouts or routine exercising sessions. The most obvious reason for that is sciatic nerve, which being the longest nerve covers a wide areaof our body. Moreover, it is very sensitive and easily irritable nerve. Therefore, a little bit of negligence in daily chores may cause trouble and initiates the unending pain.

However, sometimes sciatica cures by self-healing process with time and adequate rest, the treatment of sciatica sometimes becomes upsetting because of improper diagnosis. There is no definitve answer on how sciatica can be cured Most people affected with sciatica do not realize the actual cause of their pain and numbness and immediately seeks emergency hospital admission, which often fails to provide slight relief from the pain, instead hands you a lump sum bill. The doctors can only prescribe you some heavy dosage of painkillers, which are useless to reduce the sciatica pain. Sciatica treatment needs time, patience and tolerance as the pain does not go away overnight. There are some forms of immediate relief for sciatica though.

immediate sciatica relief

Sometimes the doctors advise to rest the affected limb and do nothing for the time being. However, doing nothing may sometimes worsen the problem as the inflammation may cause swelling and water retention. Therefore, it is wise to try to move the affected leg even if moving hurts a lot. Apply ice pack three times per day. However, do not apply ice pack for more than 15 minutes at a stretch as it may stiffen the surrounding muscles and making the condition even worse. If your condition does not improve in 3 weeks then you must consult with an experienced chiropractor, who may provide you ultimate and permanent solution to your pain through some very simple exercises. However, some more complicated cases can only be resolved by surgery.