E Cigarettes Not Only Improve Health, But Improve Your Skin

Improvements with Technology over recent years has been nothing short of amazing. If you think back only 20 years ago a standard household would be lucky enough to contain one “colour” tv and if you were really wealthy a Sega console or game boy.

Today almost everything in your household has a screen, including your Fridge! if you so desire so it comes as no surprise that cigarettes have also dropped their analogue only approach and introduced their digital counter parts.

The great thing about electronic cigarettes is the e liquid that is used in them. Free from 99% of the cancer causing agents and other nasty chemicals that rage havoc on your skin.  Choosing the best electronic cigarette kit can be a monotonou and even expensive task, but once you have found the kit you are comfortable with, vaping becomes a lot cheaper. The most important accessory for ecigs is the e liquid. Finding one that is as pure as possible will produce the best results for keeping your skin in check. I personally find that VG e-juice produces the best results which can be bought on online stores such as ichorliquid.co.uk


So if you are still smoking and finding it difficult to quit, I highly recommend giving electronic cigarettes ago. They are a lot more accepted now, so you wont be stared at on the street like you would have been a year ago. Stick with it, it does take time to adjust to the new cessation, but well worth it in the long run. On the bright side, you can use it in a lot more places than you can with cigarettes, plus you no longer smell off putting to those who do not smoke.